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  • Guangdong Huihai Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Group
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    Address: D 701,Guangzhou international enterprise incubator, Juquan Road 3, Science city, Investment and development zones, Guangzhou city

    President Speech
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    Huihai a still growing child, she is Huihai effort and pride of the people, looking at her birth, looked at her step-by-step grew up to now the company has become has nearly 1,000 employees of the Group. enterprises.

    In the spring of 2004, the first factory of Huihai Group, Jiangmen Huihai Feed Factory Co., Ltd., was officially put into operation beside the beautiful Xijiang River. Over a decade of trials and hardships, Huihai has established eight modern feed mills in Sihui, Yangjiang, Maoming and Lianjiang of Guangdong Province, Guigang of Guangxi Province, and Jingzhou and Hanchuan of Hubei Province, with the production capacity of over one million tons. Huihai Yutanggong series of high-grade puffed fish feed, and Duoduo series of pig feed are popular with consumers in South China and Central China, bringing more incomes to thousands of farmers. The feed business of Huihai Group is extending to East China, Southwest China and North China. Huihai Group is also developing breeding business. It owns pig breeding farms and breeding companies with advanced equipment and standardized management and has achieved remarkable results among its peers. The growth of Huihai at every stage is closely linked with the efforts of all Huihai's employees. I want not only to thank our passionate and motivated staffs who have make contributions to Huihai’s development, but also to thank for the trust and care of our loyal customers, which made us obtain today's achievements.

    A drop of water can not be merged into the vast sea; a wood, and can not form a vast forest; a person, the same can not be accomplished extraordinary exploits. Huihai this family, understanding, respect, kindness, trust, these qualities will be nourishing this little flower of cooperation normally open undefeated, we always believe that no matter when, no matter where, sincere communication will melt the grudge. We encourage learning and positive thinking, promote innovation and continue to explore our love is more Yucai, we temper each other, and jointly improve. We pursue business faster progress, brainstorming will enable us to avoid detours, tolerance and humor become fun to enjoy in relaxed mood rigorous and efficient, we need to work together to create and compliance system civilization. "Due diligence, integrity, learning, innovation, unity and a better life" is our purpose and common values, the combination of our noble longing. "Climbing more than innovative unlimited" is our business philosophy, both our quality services, high-performance realm of longing to spur their own eternal and innovative ideas, belief and persistence of the times.


    The Huihai Group Chairman: Lin Haichun


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